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Private Dental Scale of Fees

Examination £57.00
Small X-Ray £9.00
Full Mouth X-Ray £27.00
Private Prescription £15.00
Cosmetic Mockup (from) £350.00
Routine Hygiene visit (Hyg1) £48.50
Extensive Hygiene visit (Hyg2) £75.00
Periodontal appointment (Hyg3) £100.00
Periodontal Assessment (Hyg 4) £155.00
Direct Access Scale & Polish £70.00
Tray system (includes 2 trays and 4 tubes of gel) £400.00
Single Tooth Non-Vital Internal Bleaching £250.00
Acid / Pumice (per tooth) £110.00
Stain Removal £200.00
Small Amalgam (from) £100.00
Large Amalgam (from) £150.00
Small Composite (from) £120.00
Large Composite (from) £165.00
Composite Veneer  £400.00
Recement Crown £65.00
CROWNS etc  
Core Build Up £100.00
Cast Metal Post / Core £250.00
Carbonfibre Post / Core £250.00
Precious Gold Crown £500.00
Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crown £500.00
Emax Crown £600.00
Ceramic Veneer £600.00
Precious Gold Inlay / Onlay £475.00
Empress Porcelain Inlay / Onlay £525.00
Zircoinia Crown £575.00
Porcelain Bonded to Metal Bridge (per unit) £500.00
All Porcelain Ceramic Bridge (per unit) £600.00
Adhesive Bridge (per tooth and wings) £400.00
Long Term Acrylic Temp Bridge (per unit) £200.00
Anterior (incisor / canine) £300.00
Premolar £350.00
Endodontics cont: Molar - Inclusive of radiography but not restoration. (from) £450.00
Single Perio Involved (from) £60.00
Normal Extraction (from) £150.00
Surgical Tooth Removal )from) £350.00
Multiple teeth discount at dentists discretion  
Soft Splint £55.00
Plain Coloured Mouth Guard £45.00
Two Stripes Mouth Guard £48.00
Three Stripes Mouth Guard £54.00
Independent - Dentacryl Teeth, standard articulartion & standard denture bases. Partial Acrylic.  
Partial Acrylic £400.00
FULL / FULL £525.00
Full Upper or Full Lower £400.00
Chrome Partial (from) £700.00
Repair £55.00
Addition £55.00
Soft Lining £200.00
Private Dentures.
FULL / FULL& Partial Dentures
High Impact £1000.00
Ivocap Injection Moulded £1200.00
BPS System £1500.00
SINGLE FULL & Partial Dentures  
High Impact £850.00
Ivocap Injection Moulded £890.00
Cobalt Chrome Metal Denture & Ivoclar Teeth £850.00


We accept cash, cheque and the following cards:
Delta, Switch, Mastercard, Visa & Solo.

What People Say...

quote markI am so impressed with the way the staff treat the children. Mr Lewis and the assistant took such good care of my daughter, and I wish to express my deepest appreciation and thanks. They were able to keep my daughter calm and showed her and told her everything they were going to do.

Thank you very much!”

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