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Dentures & Prosthetics

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In certain situations, a denture or removable plate is by far the best option in terms of flexibility, ease of construction, cost, and minimising damage to other teeth.

The process of putting in dentures begins with a thorough examination and history of the existing situation. This is then followed by an initial set of impressions, from which we can produce some 3-dimensional models and a provisional design. From here a second set of models is produced, which can be used to construct the plate or denture.

This is followed by a stage whereby the bite is measured very accurately so that the technician can position the teeth in the best possible place.

Subsequent to this a visit is dedicated to trying in a 'waxed-up' version of the denture. This allows the patient to assess the colour, shape, and contour of the teeth, the bite, and whether it is easy to speak normally with the denture in place.

Finally, the dentures are fitted and adjusted. Around 7 - 10 days later a follow-up visit is booked to sort out any problems with the plate and to re-assess the bite and the patient's tolerance of the denture.

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